Tesla Model 3/Y ‘Performance V2’ Mentioned in Firmware, Claims Report [Update]

According to the Tesla Owners Online forum, Tesla may be working on new Performance models for both the Model 3 and the Model Y, if code references are said to be true.

The evidence in question consists of references to both new vehicles found in the latest iteration of Tesla’s firmware for its vehicles. The discovered text strings read:


Image TrevP on the Tesla Owners Online forums

Image: “TrevP” on the Tesla Owners Online forums

The unnamed source also believes that the new Performance variants will feature electric motors with carbon over-wrapped rotors, similar to the ones Tesla uses in its Model S Plaid.

According to the source, “who’s an expert in Tesla drivetrains”, carbon over-wrapped rotors will provide increased performance and may even allow for “more sustained acceleration above 60mph.”

A performance boost is all but guaranteed with a Model S Plaid-inspired upgrade — we’re well aware of what the Plaid’s drivetrain is capable of. Tesla could just add another electric motor to its Model 3/Y drivetrain for more juice instead, but carbon-wrapping the rotors is the more cost-effective solution.

“TrevP”, or Trevor Page, the Canadian owner of the site, describes their source as “impeccable”, expressing their faith in everything the source told them.

Again, just a rumour so take this with a grain of salt. We know Tesla continues to improve and iterate its vehicles at a fast pace, so it would not be surprising if performance updates are in the pipeline.

Update Sept. 18, 10:18am PDT: According to @greentheonly, the user confirmed to Tesla North the code strings for the mentioned performance ‘v2’ strings are indeed in the current firmware. As for what it could mean, well that’s hard to tell at this point.