First Fremont-Built Tesla Model 3 Performance with New Door Trim Spotted in Indiana



Image: User “u/AlbinoMonster” on Reddit

According to a recent tweet from @tesla_adri, the first Fremont-built Model 3 with the refreshed door panel design has been spotted in Indiana. 

The new door panel trim, which extends past the dash, was first seen on the Model 3 refresh in China in late December. Tesla finally brought the new door trim for the Model 3 to its vehicle configurator for the U.S. earlier this month on April 9.

The Tesla in question is a Model 3 Performance that was delivered to Reddit user u/AlbinoMonster, who only ordered the car on April 7 — two days before Tesla even added the new design to its website. The car was delivered April 23, in a mere 16 days!

You’ll notice the wood grain for North America flows parallel with the door, whereas the Shanghai-made Model 3 wood door trim flows perpendicular.

Image: User “u/AlbinoMonster” on Reddit

Pleasantly surprised upon getting the new door panels, u/AlbinoMonster shared images of the new design on Reddit. Their Tesla representative was able to confirm that theirs is the first Model 3 in Indiana with the new door panels, and it’s also the first we’ve spotted so far in the United States.

So far, the new design seems to be pretty well-received, and sales of the refreshed Model 3 (as well as the Model Y) in China sing a similar song.

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