First Tesla Superchargers Opening to Other Automakers Will Be in the Netherlands

As Tesla prepares to open its Supercharger network to other electric vehicle (EV) brands this year, the company will reportedly open the network in one European country first – and has apparently been conducting charge tests on non-Tesla vehicles.

Tesla is getting ready to launch its Supercharger network to different automakers in the Netherlands, which is set to be the first country to see the shift, according to @WholeMarsBlog.

In addition, the company has already been testing out the compatibility of 14 separate EVs, and is making a separate app for non-Tesla owners to use.

While it’s not clear which non-Tesla cars are being tested, some of Europe’s more popular EVs include Volkswagen’s e-Golf, the Kia Niro, the SAIC MG ZS, Volvo’s XC40 plugin, the Hyundai Kona EV, and the Renault Zoe, among others.

Last month, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess detailed some of the advantages of using Tesla’s Supercharger network.

In March, Tesla closed down its Model S and Model X plant in Tilburg, the Netherlands, ahead of the expected opening of its Tesla Gigafactory Berlin later this year.

During the same month, however, Tesla also surpassed 6,000 Supercharger stalls across Europe at 600 different locations – with several since, including 55 Tesla Superchargers coming soon to Germany.