55 New Tesla Supercharger Locations Coming to Germany

As the world continues to move towards an electric vehicle (EV) future, Tesla is rapidly expanding its charging network, and has recently added a number of upcoming charging sites to its website, set to be built soon.

Tesla has added 55 new Germany Supercharger locations to the company’s Find Us page, according to a new report from T3N (via @MarcoRPTesla).

Currently, the automaker has just over 90 Supercharger stations throughout the country, and it has also recently announced plans to open its charging network to other EV brands in Germany in the near future.

Many of the upcoming Supercharger stations are set to operate as soon as Q3, with three new locations set to arrive in Berlin, one in Kiel set for Q2 2022, and a variety of new stations nearing the Rhine-Main region.

Tesla announced earlier this year that all of its Supercharger Energy will be 100 percent renewable in 2021, even as the company continues to expand in locations outside of Germany.  The company’s first solar-powered Tesla Supercharger also launched in Shanghai, China earlier this year.

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin, located in the state of Brandenburg in Grünheide, Germany, is expected to complete construction later this year. Upon completion, European Tesla customers will begin receiving production models that are not imported from the company’s Shanghai Gigafactory, but rather from the facility in Grünheide.