Tesla Launches Solar-Powered Supercharger Station in Shanghai [VIDEO]

Earlier this year, a company executive said that all Tesla Supercharger energy will become 100 percent renewable in 2021, and after taking the first steps in that direction, the company has officially shared a new video showing off its first solar Supercharger station.

Just a few weeks after Tesla launched its first solar-powered Supercharger in China, the company shared a teaser video of the site’s grand opening, along with reports that the company is planning to gear up for expansions to its solar and energy storage offerings, as well as to its Superchargers across the country (via Jay in Shanghai).

The video includes shots from press conferences at the event, as well as footage from the outdoor Supercharger itself.

Tesla’s first made-in-China Supercharger station went live in Shenzen in May, with the facility expected to be able to produce up to 10,000 Superchargers per year for deployment throughout China.

As it expands efforts to make charging more accessible across the world, Tesla recently reached 25,000 Superchargers worldwide, located at a total of 2,699 stations globally.

Tesla is also in talks with German automakers about opening its Europe Superchargers up to non-Tesla EVs, a move that has yet to be replicated or spoken of in any other world markets.