Tesla in Talks with German Automakers About Sharing Superchargers, Report Says



Following earlier reports that Tesla would cease production at its Tilburg, Netherlands facility, new reports claim that the location will be repurposed, alongside new updates on the company’s Germany Gigafactory, which is currently under production.

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin is set to begin production in December, according to a source familiar with the matter (via @SawyerMerritt and @TroyTeslike). In addition to the claim that the Brandenburg production facility will start producing cars in December, the source also said that Tesla’s Tilburg plant will be repurposed for Tesla energy use.

Tesla has also yet to make a firm decision as to where electric vehicle (EV) battery cells will come from for the initial production of its Gigafactory Berlin Model Y units, though it may build the packs in Texas and ship them to the Grünheide, Germany facility until the site can produce its own.

With Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas way ahead of Tesla Gigafactory Berlin construction, the source said that Tesla is currently facing lawsuits in Germany from legacy automakers whose employees left to work at Tesla. The source claimed, “They do everything to delay Berlin.”

The source also claimed that Tesla is talking to Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, and Opel about sharing Superchargers throughout Europe, which seemingly corroborates earlier claims Tesla is looking to open its Supercharger network to other brands in Germany.

In addition, the companies together apparently tested a Supercharger with a Volkswagen e-Golf, and were able to charge the EV to 100 percent capacity in just 15 minutes.


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