Tesla Model S Plaid Deep Dive with MKBHD and Doug Demuro [VIDEO]

Photo: Waveform Clips

Tesla’s Model S Plaid has made waves across the internet, and one new collaborative discussion on the vehicle has electric vehicle (EV) fans excited.

A new video shared last week on Waveform Clips features both Marques Brownlee (also known as MKBHD) and Doug DeMuro talking about the Tesla Model S Plaid. Both influential YouTube channels have experienced the Model S Plaid, with Brownlee being a longtime Tesla owner.

In the video, Brownlee and DeMuro talk through how it feels to drive the Model S Plaid, with DeMuro describing why it will always be one of the most memorable car reviews he’s done because of the sheer speed.

The podcast was recorded before DeMuro’s glowing Model S Plaid review was published last week, but released days after the latter. The car reviewer called the Model S Plaid the best all-around car ever made, while also receiving one of the highest test scores.

The Model S Plaid is considered the world’s quickest car in a 0 to 60 mph launch, so it’s no surprise that it’s deserving of the title.

Earlier this week, Rich Benoit took the world’s first look underneath the Tesla Model S Plaid, pointing out details within the vehicle’s engine and underbelly that hadn’t yet been documented.

You can watch the full discussion between Marques Brownlee and Doug DeMuro on the Tesla Model S Plaid below.