Supercut: Watch Tesla’s AI Day in Just 35 Minutes [VIDEO]



Tesla’s AI Day event last week has the technology industry buzzing, due to its announcement of the Tesla Bot and the D1 chip, both set to change the AI industry for years to come.

A new video shared by Remo Uherek on YouTube offers a supercut of Tesla’s AI Day video that takes out all the pauses, fillers, and other fluff. The video is 35 minutes shorter than the original cut, and Remo has also broken it up by announcement segment and linked each time in the video.

The event detailed Tesla’s D1 chip, which is expected to be operational by next year. One expert on the subject of AI neural networks said the company’s Dojo Supercomputer gave Tesla a “magnitude advantage” over competitors like Nvidia.

In addition, at the end of the event, Tesla’s Elon Musk nonchalantly announced Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot built to perform simple labor functions, which Musk says will be “friendly” and “eliminates dangerous, repetitive, boring tasks.” Musk also said the bot will only walk 5 mph, a speed Musk says will “let you run away from it.”

Following the event, Musk is also expected to speak at Code Con 2021 with Kara Swisher, and will be asked unscripted interview questions alongside other thinkers as the event’s “red chair” guest.

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