First SpaceX Starlink Internet Speed Tests in France Impress

Image: User “Ok-Fudge-1120” on Reddit

After pre-orders went live earlier in the year, SpaceX Starlink customers in France are now getting deliveries of the required ground equipment, and results from the very first Starlink speed tests in the region are in.

Starlink is the satellite internet offering from SpaceX, which targets customers in rural areas that have long lacked high-speed broadband.

“I’m on the verge of crying right now,” wrote Reddit user “Ok-Fudge-1120” as they shared the results from their first couple of internet speed tests after setting up their Dishy McFlatface (Starlink terminal).

Coming from a 10 Mbps down, 3 Mbps up connection in a semi-rural area in western France where fiber-optic broadband wasn’t even expected until 2023, Ok-Fudge-1120 was ecstatic to see an internet connection so… usable.

What’s more, their Starlink equipment was originally scheduled to be shipped on August 16, but actually made its way to yesterday, August 13, in what was a welcome surprise. “I can’t explain how grateful I am,” added Ok-Fudge-1120 in their post.

Check out the test results below:

Speed Test 1:

Ping: 46ms
Download Speed: 170.5 Mbps
Upload Speed: 15 Mbps

Speed Test 2:

Ping: 56ms
Download Speed: 237 Mbps
Upload Speed: 36 Mbps

Starlink has already made waves in the U.S. and Canada, and the internet service now has its sights set on Europe. The high-speed satellite broadband service is currently working on establishing full coverage across the U.K.

As of July, Starlink is serving 90,000+ active users across 12 different countries.