Tesla Model S/X Delivery Dates Slip to April 2022 for New Orders



Tesla’s estimated delivery dates for Model S and Model X units occurred just last week, and only eight days later, these times have slipped even further.

Tesla has delayed deliveries of the Model S Plaid and Long Range variants, as well as the Model X Long Range units in the U.S., this time to March through April 2022, according to @SawyerMerritt.

The delays come just over a week after the company delayed deliveries of the Model X to February to March 2022, with the Model S Plaid and Long Ranges originally delayed to September through October of this year.

On top of delaying the deliveries of these units, Tesla also increased the price of Model S and X Long Range units earlier this week, both increasing by $5,000 in price.

The news comes just a few weeks prior to Tesla’s completion of Gigafactory Texas, which is rumoured for teset production of the Model Y as soon as next week.

While the Model Y’s production is set to begin soon in the U.S., Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin is also expected to start with the electric SUV model, expected to start by the end of 2021.

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