Samsung and LG Have Completed Tesla 4680 Battery Cell Samples

A 3D-printed 4680 Tesla battery cell replica. Photo: Reddit user u/Bimmer3389

Tesla revealed its plans for a larger, 4680 battery cell last year at its Battery Day event, expected to significantly reduce costs and increase the ranges of its cars.

On Tuesday, The Korea Herald reported that Samsung SDI and LG Energy Solutions have completed sample 4680 battery cells for Tesla, according to a high-ranking industry official who is familiar with the matter.

The news sparks apparent attempts from each company to win contracts with the U.S. electric vehicle (EV) company, which is expected to debut the 4680 cells in 2023 with Model Y units constructed at its Gigafactory Austin production facility – which is set for completion later this year.

The official spoke with The Korea Herald and said, “Samsung SDI and LG Energy Solution have developed samples of cylindrical 4680 cells and are currently conducting various tests at their facilities to verify their structural integrity.” The official continued, “Also, they have provided specifications of their 4680 cells to their vendors.”

In addition to Samsung SDI and LG, one of Tesla’s strongest and oldest partners, Panasonic, has also announced plans to develop 4680 battery cell prototypes, in hopes to also secure a supply deal with the company.

With insanely high and still-rising demand for electric car batteries, industry officials claim there is room for Samsung SDI to join LG, Panasonic, and CATL, Tesla’s largest battery suppliers, in supplying batteries. Tesla has even announced plans to produce its own 4680 batteries, which CEO Elon Musk to help stave off expect battery supply shortages in the years to come.