Download Tesla’s Battery Day 2020 Presentation Slides Here

Elon Musk at shareholder’s meeting September 22; courtesy of Tesla

A few weeks after Tesla’s Battery Day, and fans and investors are still talking about the announcement of the 4680 battery.

Tesla has now made its slides from the event available for download to everyone through its website.

While the day included the announcement of the long-anticipated 4680 battery, Tesla CEO also announced the 2021 release of the Model S Plaid, a similarly long-awaited luxury performance model from the electric automaker’s lineup. Additionally, Musk announced plans to unveil a $25,000 car within the next few years, a feat almost unimaginable within the EV market.

The released slides share the ins and outs of battery production with the new 4680 batteries, as well as changes in body manufacturing and design and the process of refining lithium for its hardware.

Musk recently also confirmed a few new features on the internet, including a tap-to-enlarge feature on the backup cam, a structural battery pack for the Model S Plaid, and a bird’s eye view for Tesla cameras, to name a few. The CEO keeps a steady stream of announcements and surprise confirmations flowing from his Twitter feed.

You can view and download the slides from Tesla’s Battery Day last month here.