Tesla Backup Camera ‘Tap to Enlarge’ Coming Soon Says Elon Musk

New features are always coming to new Tesla models, and the company will soon add an exciting new feature to the backup camera.

In a response on Twitter Thursday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that a tap-to-enlarge feature on camera views when backing up will be coming to future Teslas.

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A Twitter user tweeted at Musk, saying, “Can we tap to enlarge the different camera views when backing up.”

In response, Musk tweeted, “Yes, coming soon.”

With the update, the camera should be a further increase to the camera’s safety options, allowing drivers to zoom into tough-to-see areas on cam to ensure they can see everything.

Musk is known for confirming or denying details through his Twitter, alongside expressing that the US should “coup whoever we want” for lithium and advocating for breaking up monopolies through the medium.

Still, the ability to garner news straight from the Tesla CEO himself is a major benefit to EV enthusiasts, who can learn about features like the backup cam zoom system before they roll out.

The feature confirmation shouldn’t be surprising, though it does feel like something straight out of the 2020s. The ability to specifically control an area of your car’s backup cam feels like futuristic movie material – and the new feature might even pair well with the word “Enhance,” but maybe Musk is already considering implementing that too.