Tesla Adds 19″ Tempest Wheels for Model S; Red Calipers Axed for Plaid S/X



Photo: BabyTesla

It’s not uncommon for Tesla to subtly change features in its cars from time to time, and in a new update, the company has changed its signature red brake calipers in certain performance models.

Tesla has removed the red brake calipers from its Model S/X Plaid vehicles according to the company’s website (via @BabyTesla).

Also new for the Model S are 19-inch Tempest wheels, which come with plastic aero covers (via Reddit). You can see what they look like in person here, and with the covers off here.

Over the weekend, Tesla CEO Elon Musk also announced that the higher range Tesla Model S Plaid+ has officially been cancelled, ahead of the company’s Model S Plaid delivery event set for June 10 at the company’s Fremont, California production facility.

Earlier this week, a crimson red Model S body was seen at Tesla’s Fremont Factory, a shade of the vehicle that Musk last year said was his favorite.

The Tesla Model S Plaid has a quarter-mile time of just 9.23 seconds, and has also been called Tesla’s best car yet by Musk. With a starting price of $118,490, it’s the fastest mass-production electric car currently available on the market.

Tesla’s Model S Plaid will also sport this “going to plaid” animation when the vehicle enters launch mode – a nice touch for a vehicle with zero emissions and such quick acceleration.

We should find out more about the Model S Plaid at Tesla’s upcoming special event on June 10, 2021.


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