Canada’s EV Rebate Program Sees 74,000+ Vehicles Purchased to Date

According to Transport Canada, the federal government’s Incentives for Zero-Emission Vehicles (iZEV) program supplemented the purchase of 74,000+ eligible Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) in Canada from its inception to January 2021.

The iZEV program primarily provides Canadians who purchase qualifying ZEVs with $5,000 CAD in rebates, significantly lowering the cost of these environment-friendly vehicles. The program was established in early 2019, with $300,000,000 CAD in the bank.

Tesla’s Model 3 Standard Range qualifies for the iZEV program.

By August 2020, just 15 months after the program went live, 75% of its rebate fund had been depleted.

These numbers only account for rebates the program has given out as of January 2021. ZEV adoption in Canada has been on the rise despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and the iZEV program continues to provide rebates to Canadians making smart transportation choices.

In addition, these numbers also don’t account for popular ZEVs sold in Canada that are not eligible for rebates under the iZEV program, such as the Tesla Model Y.

Canadians also have access to a number of provincial incentives and rebates, which, for vehicles eligible under the iZEV program, can be stacked on top of the federal rebate for additional savings.

A gas guzzler produces an average of four metric tonnes of greenhouse gases per year. So far, the iZEV program has helped rid Canada of well over 296,000 metric tonnes in greenhouse gas emissions per year, and continues to pave the way forward to a carbon-neutral future.

With the iZEV fund poised to run out anytime now, the program’s efficacy and proven results will definitely implore the federal government to renew it (and maybe even expand its benefits).