Utah’s Largest Tesla Supercharger Station Arrives in Beaver

New Tesla Superchargers are arriving every week, and one of the latest in Utah has become the state’s largest Supercharger station.

On Wednesday, Calvin Gaisford shared photos of a new Tesla Supercharger station in Beaver, Utah which is set to feature 24 new 250kW charging stations. While the first 8 were installed upon Gaisford’s arrival heading south, the rest were closed on his return to install the remaining stalls.

Gaisford also reported impressive charging speeds of up to 1,017 miles per hour charging at the new Supercharger station, including a photo to document the feat.

Before the installation, the Beaver Supercharger site had only six stalls, according to one user on Twitter.

Earlier this month, a Tesla employee confirmed that Tesla was now using pre-fabricated Superchargers, specifically citing the Beaver, Utah Supercharger construction site. The employee stated that the pre-fabricated Superchargers were being used to speed up the process of deploying them across the U.S.

While the charging infrastructure remains one of the largest barriers to mainstream electric vehicle adoption, Tesla has been putting in serious work rolling its Superchargers out across the world.

With new plans to build the world’s largest Supercharger station in Fresno County, California, among a number of other stations, and the new use of pre-fabricated Superchargers to speed up the process, the coming years are likely to see more EV adoption than ever before.