CarMax Now Lists Tesla Vehicles, Cross-Country Transfers Offered



Image: u/kirbyCUBE on Reddit

According to a recent thread on Reddit, used Teslas are now popping up on CarMax — the largest retailer of used cars in the U.S. This is big news as used Teslas were previously only available directly through Elon Musk’s company.

CarMax currently has a number of used Teslas listed, including multiple Model 3 units, which is the fastest-selling used car on the market and also retains value better than small luxury cars.

CarMax is also offering transfers on many of these listings, meaning that for a small fee, you can have the Tesla you want to look at transferred from anywhere in the country to the CarMax location closest to you.

However, some of the cars, such as the 2020 Model Y Long Range with merely 10,000 miles on it, are listed for well over the MSRP of a new unit. One Reddit user theorized that may be because the Model Y could have the Full Self-Driving upgrade (worth $10,000 USD) already purchased.

Or, CarMax may simply be charging a premium for the ability to comprehensively test-drive a Tesla you’re thinking of getting before making a decision, as well as providing its own warranty on top of Tesla’s existing factory warranty.

Another Reddit user reported two of the listings for used Teslas disappearing, indicating that they may have already been snagged up by someone.

Used Teslas being available through third-party dealerships will make Tesla’s electric vehicles accessible to a wider array of people, which is one of Tesla’s main goals moving forward.

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