Tesla Warranty on Used Models Decreased to 1 Year



Tesla has been making changes to its used store recently, and some of them have fans talking online.

The electric vehicle (EV) company has changed its used car warranty offering to only 1 year if purchased from Tesla up to 10,000 miles, as reported by a user on Reddit’s Tesla Motors subreddit. The update applies specifically to used cars from 2016 and prior, but it’s still a blow to fans of Tesla’s used store.

User u/stamper197 wrote in the original post, “On a 2016 or older Tesla that you could purchase from the site you would be given 4 years and (100k – current miles), if lower than 50k miles or 2 years and (100k – current miles) if over 50k miles.” The user continued, “What this meant is if you took a 2015 with say 99k miles your warranty was 2 years or 1k miles after delivery. or if you had a car at 53k miles 2 years and 47k miles after delivery.”

Given the generous used EV warranty policies Tesla has had in the past despite its growing manufacturing needs and locations in the present–some Reddit users weren’t particularly supportive of the news.

While the fate of the Tesla used online store isn’t totally clear, it is clear that prices are dropping on the company’s EVs all across the board. And if both trends continue this way, then at least it means new models may soon become affordable for the mainstream consumer.


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