Tesla Removes Photos of Used Vehicles in Online Store, Increases Non-Refundable Fee to $500



Tesla has had no issues reselling its used cars, though a recent change has fans frustrated and shocked with some changes to the electric vehicle (EV) company’s online used store.

In a recent post on Reddit, a user pointed out that Tesla has stopped sharing pictures of its used cars once again. Additionally, the company has raised its fee for non-refundable orders from $100 to $500.

While Tesla has been selling its own cars used since 2017, it has also periodically updated its used car rules.

In 2017, Tesla began offering a new warranty program in which they would buy the leases from previous Tesla owners, refurbish the cars, then sell them used. This program has since been discontinued.

Tesla has also claimed it has tightened up its cosmetic and resale policies, in order to curb the need for offering photos to users looking to buy. While the online store used to offer buyers the option to request a photo of the vehicle, it will no longer have this option either.

About the change, one Reddit user commented, “I can’t see myself purchasing a used Tesla from them directly anymore. The user continued, “I’ve been planning on trading in my Audi once my warranty expires in 10k miles for a used car but it looks like I’ll be purchasing privately.”

Still, the news is unlikely to make a dent in the EV company’s current momentum, as they’re well on their way to another record-breaking quarter.


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