Drone Captures Tesla Semi Driving on Test Track in Fremont [VIDEOS]

A number of Tesla Semis have been spotted in the wild in recent months, and a new update shows the Semi driving around a track.

In a pair of videos uploaded Sunday, YouTube channel Chris Nguyen shared drone footage from the test track outside Tesla’s Fremont factory of a Tesla Semi following a Model Y for some testing. The Model Y appears to be filming the Semi as it follows directly behind, and many commenters speculated that the drive was for some sort of promotional video.

Tesla Semi production was shelved earlier this year due to supply issues, according to CEO Elon Musk, though a rumor surfaced in early February holds that production of the Semi may begin again in August 2021.

Despite the production supply issues, Tesla has still said that Semi deliveries are on track for the end of 2021, corroborating rumors that production could begin in August.

The Tesla Semi will reportedly have update 621 miles of range with the company’s 4680 battery cells, which were unveiled at a Battery Day event last fall – at which, the company had the Semi on display, beside an ATV, a Roadster, and the highly-anticipated Cybertruck, which is also set for delivery upon Tesla’s completion of Gigafactory Austin later this year.

You can watch parts one and two of Chris Nguyen’s full Tesla Semi drone footage below.