New Tesla Semi Spotted in Tahoe, Likely Heading to Bay Area

Tesla Semi spotted in Tahoe, California, in transport back to the Bay Area. Photo: @teslanorcalreno on Twitter

Tesla’s Semi prototype has been spotted in transport on the road at growing rates in recent months, as the company prepares to begin production on the truck in August 2021.

In a new sighting, one Twitter user shared pictures of a Tesla Semi in Tahoe, California, as it was being transported, presumably, back to the Bay Area. The photos, as shared by Twitter user @teslanorcalreno, depict the Tesla Semi Prototype on a flatbed heading west.

As Tesla ramps up for Semi production later this year, more and more have been spotted in the wild, especially in California. Despite these sightings, it was less than a month ago that Tesla said it was stopping Semi production for the time being, simply due to not having enough battery cells to keep up with demand – which will change when the company begins producing their own 4680 battery cells.

Tesla vehicles seen entering The Bo...
Tesla vehicles seen entering The Boring Company Las Vegas Loop tunnel

Regardless, the Tesla Semi is looking great, even if it’s still being transported somewhat ironically by diesel trucks. As our world faces the first steps in a major transition to electric vehicles (EVs) from traditional petroleum gas vehicles, the next several years are set to be exciting, especially as larger trucks, Semis, and vans begin seeing their first electric versions unveiled.