New Tesla Semi Design Spotted in California Ahead of 2021 Deliveries

New tesla semi white

Tesla appears to have a new design for its Semi truck, as a revised and updated version of the long-haul trucker has been spotted in California, by The Kilowatts.

On Monday afternoon, @klwtts said, “we spotted a new white Tesla Semi in Sacramento,” adding it was “likely headed toward Reno.” The Semi is not driving on its own, but rather being transported on a bed.

You can see the new Semi has new door handles (no longer Model 3 style) and new darker headlights compared to the first version we’ve seen before. The side windows are bigger than before as well.

New tesla semi white 2

Looking at the back, the taillights are round, different than the previous design that had slim horizontal lights. Here’s a picture of the new rear of the Semi:

New tesla semi white 3

New tesla semi white 4

Here’s a picture of the original Semi (via @sacramentotesla):

Old tesla semi

Tesla said during its Q4 2020 earnings call the first Semi deliveries are set to take place this year. The only constraints are producing 4680 battery cells in mass volume.

“The main reason we’ve not accelerated new products is — like for example Tesla Semi — is that we simply don’t have enough cells for it. If we were to make the Semi like right now, which we could easily go into production with the Semi, but we would not have enough cells for it right now. We will have enough cells for Semi when we are producing the Tesla 4680 in volume,” said Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Of course, what we’re seeing pictured today may not be the final Semi design, but it’s always exciting to see a new prototype on the roads in California.

The Kilowatts always appear to be in the right place at the right time. Previously, they spotted a Tesla Model S refresh ahead of the unveiling, added credence a new version was coming, and of course, that proved to be true.