New Tesla Supercharger in Rockledge, Florida Ready to Open



A Tesla Supercharger station in Rockledge, Florida. Photo: @TeslaClubSoFla on Twitter

One of the biggest barriers to the mainstream adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is the charging infrastructure which, while has improved a lot over the years, still has a long way to go before allowing EVs to become standard.

On Thursday, Tesla Owners South Florida shared a picture on Twitter of the new Tesla Supercharger station in Rockledge, Florida, which features 12 stalls and a maximum output of 250 KW. It’s located at 5410 Murrell Road, suite 135, in Rockledge, and while it hasn’t been added to Tesla’s navigation system just yet, it should only take another day or two.

Tesla recently added its 760th Supercharger station in China, which is the world’s largest auto market. With the mainstream adoption of EVs set as one of Tesla’s primary goals, the company has made a global push to establish as many Supercharger stations as possible, even building a Supercharger factory in China, which began production last month.

Unfortunately for some places, the rollout of Tesla’s Superchargers hasn’t exactly been even throughout the world, since the company has been prioritizing places that have a more dense auto market, like China and places in the US like California, Florida, and Michigan, among others. Ireland, for example, hasn’t gotten a new Supercharger in almost four years.

Recently, Tesla was approved to proceed with construction of what will be the largest V3 Supercharger in the world, a 62-stall location in Santa Monica, California.


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