Santa Monica Approves Tesla Supercharger with 62 V3 Stalls



Santa Monica’s Planning Commission in California has approved the conditional use permit for Tesla’s proposed 62-stall V3 Supercharger, according to those who attended tonight’s review on the matter.

As per Robert (@rrosenbl), the debate lasted three hours and in the end, the Supercharger site was passed, with a vote of 5-2.

The Santa Monica Tesla Supercharger would be the world’s largest V3 charger location with 62 stalls, located at 1401 Santa Monica Boulevard.

Leading up to tonight’s vote, TeslaClubLA urged owners to write to Santa Monica City Council with comments of support for the Supercharger and to approve the project.

Construction of the new Tesla Supercharger in Santa Monica is expected to start this mid-summer, with the second phase planned for late 2021.

California is home to a huge Tesla community and is also the company’s backyard, with a factory located in Fremont. The new Supercharger should alleviate some pressure on the high demand for charging in the state from its large number of Tesla owners, in busy Santa Monica.


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