It’s Been 1,000 Days Since Tesla’s Last Supercharger Installation in Ireland



The biggest barrier facing the world transition to electric vehicles (EVs) is, perhaps, the lack of charging infrastructure in most countries throughout the world. And while Tesla has plans to begin manufacturing more Superchargers out of a new factory in China, many countries are still waiting patiently for additions to the charging network – and have been, for quite some time.

According to a tweet from Scott Mckinlay on Twitter, it’s been 1,000 days since Tesla’s last Supercharger was installed in Ireland. Despite the fact that over 1,000 Model 3s have been sold in Ireland over the past year, the country still has only three Tesla Superchargers, and only about five non-Tesla charging stations, indicating a serious lack of charging infrastructure in the country.

As the public shifts towards the use of zero-emissions vehicles, the charging network will need to continue improving in pretty much every part of the world.

While several municipalities, including the State of California, have elected to adopt gas car sales bans by 2035 and surrounding years, many analysts speculate that much work still needs to be done on electrical grids and charging stations to make the change a successful reality.

While the whole world needs improvements to their charging networks, Ireland desperately needs some upgrades. And Tesla tells us that they’re coming soon – but no one knows when “soon” may be on Tesla’s time.


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