New Tesla Model Y Prototype Spotted Near Fremont Factory

Just a few days after Tesla Fremont filed for expansion to develop a permanent Model Y assembly space, a strange Model Y variant has been spotting driving around the California factory.

Tuesday, the well-known Tesla enthusiasts known as The Kilowatts shared photos on their Twitter account depicting some sort of lifted Model Y at Tesla’s Fremont factory. The variant also had enlarged wheels, with many users suspecting this may be an adaptive air suspension kit, as was teased in the Tesla owner’s manual last month.

Also included in the video is a pristine white Model S trailing behind the Model Y, with what look to be special Plaid Plus wheels.

The Kilowatts managed to capture the Model Y prototype with the dash cam on their Tesla, so we can see a few different angles. Another important detail in these videos is that this Model Y is looking pretty dirty. So maybe this could mean some lifted, off-road time for this new prototype?

Either way, an air suspension update seems highly likely, especially given that the feature is already included in the Tesla owner’s manual. It was also confirmed by Elon Musk late last year, along with voice command capabilities for controlling ride height.

A couple of extra inches off the ground won’t hurt any Tesla Model Y owner, so hopefully, air suspension is indeed on its way?