Tesla Model 3 Air Suspension Icon Teased in Owner’s Manual Update

The new Tesla manual includes a logo which seems related to air suspension capabilities. Photo: @greentheonly on Twitter

In Tesla’s recent 2020.48.26 holiday software update, the company’s manuals also got updated to include an easter egg, according to a tweet Wednesday from Twitter account @greentheonly.

Green, a Tesla hacker who often predicts new and upcoming release information, compared photos of the new manual to those prior to the update, and noted the addition of a small car logo with arrows up and down – believed to be the logo for a long-anticipated air suspension feature.

Predicted to be coming to Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y, Green noted that the suspension feature may or may not be related to air suspension, and could also simply be a different type of suspension.

Green wrote, “I don’t want to say “air” [suspension] because I heard there are other options on the table too.”

Hopefuls of Tesla’s air suspension have been floating around the internet for at least the past year, some of which have even attempted to create their own. Even CEO Elon Musk has addressed the claim on Twitter, recently sharing that an air suspension system will be linked to Full Self-Driving.

Regardless, Tesla air suspension is seeming more and more likely as time goes on. And with Green’s recent catch of the new suspension logo, air suspension just might be inching towards reality.