Take a Look at This Tesla Model Y Active Air Suspension Modification

Even though the new Tesla Model Y hasn’t been available for long, drivers are already making tweaks. Some past Tesla custom modifications are quite outlandish, such as this Model 3 with snow tracks. But a newer Tesla Model Y mod shows off a sleek active air suspension system.

As you may have gathered, the stock Model Y doesn’t include an air suspension system. With this new installation shared by Michael Mogilewski, Tesla enthusiasts get a look at the Model Y sitting low to the ground. As you can see this air suspension system does not affect the raised level of the new electric vehicle from Tesla.

Back in February Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted to halt rumours about an air suspension system in the Model Y. The tweet came as a retort to a news source posting about an air suspension option in the Model 3 parts catalogue. Musk tweeted saying, “…No air suspension planned for 3/Y. Only S/X & Cybertruck have/will have air suspension.”


While there’s no doubt that many people would love to see an air suspension system in the Model Y, it will have to be left to custom mods for now. However, those looking for electric vehicles with these systems can look to the Model S and X. Or they can hold out hope for the Tesla Cybertruck.