These Are the Top 10 Countries Placing Tesla Cybertruck Pre-orders

The Tesla Cybertruck has been a hot topic of discussion since its first day. There’s a lot to digest. Unique features from past electric vehicles adapted to a truck. A viral press conference reveal with a broken window. Tesla’s search for the perfect place for a new factory. With all these subjects surrounding the Cybertruck’s release, there’s no denying that it remains a highly anticipated launch.

When it comes to pre-orders, it should come as no surprise to discover that people all over the world are itching to get their hands on Tesla’s new truck. While the company has yet to release key details regarding the Cybertruck release, it has begun to take pre-orders. As such, a crowdsourced project over at Cybertruck Talk compiled data to determine the top 10 countries that are placing pre-orders.

North America leads the pack with the United States at number one and Canada at number two. Both countries indicate strong support for past Tesla vehicles, so this is expected to follow suit with Cybertruck. However, some other countries such as Sweden (number seven) and Iceland (number 10) come as a bit of a surprise.

Tesla has not yet released its official data regarding Cybertruck pre-orders. The numbers here should be taken with a grain of salt. However, if these pre-order numbers are anywhere close to accurate, then Tesla enthusiasts can expect high demand when the Cybertruck releases.