Another Tesla Semi Prototype With Updated Design Spotted in Chicago

Image: User “bigschlong24lg” on Reddit

According to a recent Reddit thread, another Semi prototype with Tesla’s new design for its all-electric hauler has been spotted in Chicago, Illinois. This is not the same unit that was spotted earlier this week by The Kilowatts in Sacramento, California.

What was the distinction that these were two different Tesla Semis? Different brands of tires according to eagle-eyed Redditors.

“You’d think they would put a tarp over it or something”, said user ice__nine on the same thread, referring to the fresh coat of mud and dirt the Semi can be seen sporting in the shared images.

Had the unit been under wraps, however, the original poster might not have spotted it in the first place.

Interior of the New Tesla Electric ...
Interior of the New Tesla Electric Semi-Truck

Under the messy debris is Tesla’s long-awaited Semi with an updated design that features darker headlights, new taillights, bigger side windows, and new door handles.

The Semi is seen being transported on a bed instead of being driven, and Chicago almost certainly isn’t its final destination. User bigschlong24lg added that there have been whispers of a Tesla testing site in Indiana, and it is possible that the prototype is headed there (or to another testing facility).

Tesla had to push back production of its all-electric class 8 truck because of battery constraints, but according to CEO Elon Musk, the automaker is now on track for 2021 deliveries. The latest rumors suggest that the Semi could go into mass production as early as August 2021.