New Tesla Semi Prototype Gets Close-Up Look, Commentary by Trucker [VIDEO]

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Trucker Cory Draper has shared a closer look at Tesla’s newest Semi prototype, the white truck that appears to have been spotted earlier by The Kilowatts.

The nearly 5-minute video by Draper shows the white Semi sitting on a bed, covered in dust and dirt. But from the 1080p HD video, we get a nice look at the Semi and its design changes. The headlights look darker, the door handle has changed, the rear taillights are new, while the windows have also been tweaked.

Interior of the New Tesla Electric ...
Interior of the New Tesla Electric Semi-Truck

Draper says “I’m sure someone will buy these once they hit the streets and make them sexy.” We also see the rear of the Semi and also a closer look at the frame on the truck. The Semi looks brand new, while the tires also look untouched.

Earlier today, rumours claimed Semi production may start in August of this year. Tesla said at its Q4 earnings it plans to deliver the Semi by 2021, but cannot produce the truck today due to battery constraints.