Tesla Now Offers Collision Repair at Service Centers

In a communiqué to customers, Tesla announced the arrival of its long-awaited collision repairs service reports CNBC.

The company promises “a fast and seamless experience” with its “optimized repair flow”. Collision repair services will take care of “suspension and axle damage, front and rear bumpers, hoods, liftgates and side mirror caps, along with doors, wheels and all glass repairs,” all in the comfort of your nearest Tesla Service Center.

The expansion comes at a convenient time as a retail investor recently questioned the company’s efficacy in dealing with customer complaints of lackluster service during an earnings call for the fourth quarter of 2020.

Tesla’s Services and Other financial segments, which includes revenue from Service Centers and more, grew 17% between Q4 2019 and Q4 2020 — from $580 million to $678 million, respectively.

Jerome Guillen, Tesla’s President of Automotive, says that the “best service is no service.” He talked about the company’s efforts in “trying to improve the quality and the reliability” of its vehicles so customers don’t have to make as many visits to Service Centers to maintain their cars.

He drew attention to Tesla’s “mobile service”, which includes home visits from a Tesla service vehicle and an auto mechanic. He also clarified how Tesla aims to shift customer communications regarding service entirely to its mobile application.

“The app is much better than the phone. It can spot alerts directly from the car and schedule a service appointment. You get updates on the service,” elaborated Guillen.

Currently, there are 446 Tesla service centers in the world, with the company aiming to up that number every week in 2021 as it plans to open service centers in California, New York, Florida, Canada, Puerto Rico, and beyond.

Tesla’s complete message to customers can be found below:

Collision Repair is Here

January 28, 2021

Fix minor dents, scuffs, scratches and more now at your local Tesla Service Center as an alternative option to a body shop. Our optimized repair flow enables a fast and seamless experience when you need it most.

Collision repair services may include: suspension and axle damage, front and rear bumpers, hoods, liftgates and side mirror caps, along with doors, wheels and all glass repairs.

To schedule an appointment select “Collision & Glass Repair” from the Service menu in your Tesla app and track your service experience with step-by-step notifications.