New Tesla Service Center Coming to Puerto Rico: Report

A Tesla service center is headed to Puerto Rico. Photo: Reddit user u/stryk3r1215

New Tesla service centers, showrooms, and factories are popping up all over the world, with further plans of development already in the works.

According to a post on Reddit, Puerto Rico is now gaining its very own Tesla service center, as depicted by a building permit posted on the fence of the new property in San Juan. The picture was originally shared to the Tesla Motors subreddit by Reddit user u/stryk3r1215, and the service center will mark the first to come to the Caribbean.

Regarding the country’s electric grid, capacity for electric vehicles (EV), and the potential of owning a Tesla Powerwall, the user commented, “Unfortunately, our country is broke. The government is privatizing the power authority, and microgrids are expensive.” The user continued, “Hell, even for me, a PowerWall would be about $12k without any solar powerwalls. They are a lot more expensive here than in the mainland US. I myself will probably get the solar panels first and go net-metering, and once I’ve saved up I’ll get a PowerWall, hopefully by then there will be a newer generation PW.”

While Puerto Rico still has a long way to go before its residents can use EVs as the standard, the move of a Tesla service center there is a big step in the direction of sustainable transportation.