Tesla Engineering Director Behind Model Y Heat Pump Breakthrough Departs



Joseph Mardall, an engineering director at Tesla, has departed to take up the mantle of head of engineering at drone delivery service Zipline, reports CNBC.

Zipline is a 2014 startup that manufactures drones and also uses them to deliver critical medical supplies across multiple countries.

Mardall spearheaded multiple high-profile projects during his decade-long tenure at Tesla. Some of his most noteworthy accomplishments at the company include the development of HVAC and thermal technologies for Model X and Model 3 — which went on to become the best-selling car in Iceland in 2020.

For his contribution to Tesla’s latest SUV, the Model Y, he led the team that developed the all-electric vehicle’s heat pump system. Tesla CEO Elon Musk touted the design as “some of the best engineering I’ve seen in a while.”

Mardall also helmed the efforts that went into engineering Tesla’s ventilator for COVID patients out of car components.

Announcing the move in a post on his LinkedIn profile, Mardall wrote:

After 10 wonderful years at Tesla, I’m super excited to start my next chapter as Head of Engineering at Zipline, working with a team of talented and committed engineers to provide every human on Earth with instant access to vital medical supplies. The next 5 years are going to change everything and I can’t wait! We are hiring for all roles across engineering and I would love to hear from you – come fly with me!”

It appears this is a loss for Tesla, as Mardall lead some important teams at the company. Zipline must have made him a compelling offer to jump ship.

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