First Tesla Model Y Deliveries in China on January 18, Report Says

Image: @ray4tesla on Twitter

Following earlier reports of Gigafactory Shanghai-made 2021 Model Y deliveries going out sometime this month, sources close to the matter say Tesla is all set to start delivering this Monday, January 18, reports Tesmanian (save 10% off mats with coupon code TESLANORTH10).

At 9am on Monday morning, a simultaneous delivery ceremony held at Tesla sales centers across Greater China will commemorate the official launch of the Chinese Model Y by handing over possession of the first units to the SUV’s earliest buyers, says the report.

After Tesla secured approval to sell its new SUV, the 2021 Model Y went into mass production at Giga Shanghai back in December.

Giga Shanghai-made Tesla Model Y went on sale at the turn of 2020 to an astounding reception of 100,000+ orders. The electric SUV has gained so much traction in the region that a Model Y ordered today will be delivered sometime in May.

China is one of Tesla’s biggest markets — and that was before the EV pioneer started selling locally manufactured cars in the region. Analysts expect Greater China to account for 40% of Tesla’s sales in the future.

Gigafactory Shanghai is also poised to ramp up production this year, with latest estimates suggesting that the facility will produce 550,000 units (300,000 Model 3 units and 250,000 Model Y units) by the end of 2021.