Tesla ‘Model B’ E-Bike Concept Shared by Industrial Designer [VIDEO]



Image: Torque News on YouTube

In a recent YouTube video, Torque News takes a look at a brand new Tesla E-Bike concept developed by industrial designer Kendall Toerner. Veteran motorcycle manufacturers Ducatti and Harley Davidson (and even BMW) have E-Bikes out in the market right now, but Toerner’s concept imagines what an E-Bike from EV pioneer Tesla would look like.

After all, if Tesla can make short shorts and tequila, why not a bike?

Tesla is no stranger to smaller vehicles either, as the company unveiled its Cyberquad ATV alongside its Cybertruck Semi. Toerner’s Tesla E-Bike concept — the Tesla Model B — pictures a self-driving and environment-aware bike, equipped with one electric motor in each wheel, that looks like something right out of a sci-fi film.

Image: Torque News on YouTube

The imagined E-bike has a retractable handlebar, the amount of pressure applied to which determines how fast the bike goes, an in-frame display, and wheels equipped with shock absorbers instead of conventional wheel-spokes.

The E-Bike would also have a camera in the front and an array of sensors (LiDAR and the like) around the sides and back to create a safety bubble around the bike (and its rider) and inform the autopilot system.

With Elon Musk’s documented aversion to vehicles with less than four wheels on account of them not being as safe, however, Tesla developing an E-Bike is improbable at best.

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