One Year of Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Construction [VIDEO]

It’s been quite the year for electric vehicle (EV) giant Tesla, which will soon have completed factories on three continents – and likely with more factories still yet to come.

In a video uploaded Thursday by YouTube channel Giga Berlin, the host breaks down all the progress made on Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin since its beginning construction in January. While it hasn’t quite been a year, the host mentions a year ago as the beginning of the factory’s conception, since that was when CEO Elon Musk originally announced that the company would be coming to Germany.

The video compiles tons of different drone footage to go through each month, giving a good picture of how the site has come to be where it’s at now. Despite recent local criticism of the construction site’s resource usage, construction on the Berlin Gigafactory has not stopped. In fact, this month has seen major progress to the site, with partial completion to the casting building as well as a number of other updates.

Tesla Berlin’s overseeing manager Evan Horetsky was recently also replaced by Rene Reif, the previous head of Daimler’s manufacturing in Berlin.

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin is expected to be completed and delivering vehicles in June 2021. Until then, European customers will continue receiving imported models from Giga Shanghai.