Tesla’s Giga Berlin Facing Local Criticism Ahead of Public Hearing

No matter how important sustainable transportation is, the feat is null and void without the careful use of other resources to build and maintain these all-electric vehicles (EVs). While Tesla has already received questions and concerns over resource management in its collection of nickel, the EV giant is now facing a new wave of criticism.

On Wednesday, it was shared that hundreds of local complaints have rolled in about the new Tesla Giga Berlin plant, as reported by Yahoo Finance. As many as 400 local objections to the plant have filed in, ranging from issues like water use and noise pollution to other complaints all across the board. Tesla is expected to face a public hearing this week near Berlin which will be a major test for the EV company.

In Brandenburg, the state where Tesla is building its Giga Berlin plant, local resident Frank Gersdorf told reporters on his way into the town hall event addressing Tesla’s construction site, “My concerns are manifold.” He continued, “The problem is that the end result of the proceedings, a green light for Tesla, looks like it’s already predetermined.”

In spite of the growth of the construction site and the full support of German officials, the public hearing is supposed to be a prerequisite for building the property out. However, a few months into the project, locals are feeling like there’s nothing that can be done anymore, and are even calling for hearing chairman and an environmental official from the state, Ulrich Stock, to step down due to an alleged bias towards Tesla.

The hearing began on Wednesday and is set to continue through Thursday and Friday as needed.

Giga Berlin construction has proceeded at a fast pace, with buildings already erected, while recently land was cleared in another section of the site for its upcoming transformer substation.