Land Cleared for Transformer Substation Outside Giga Berlin

In a recent YouTube video documenting the progress made in the construction of Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory, Giga Berlin revealed that contractors have now broken ground on an additional 5 hectares of land for a transformer substation.

Construction on the Giga Berlin site, located some 20 miles south-east of central Berlin, is currently underway. Following in the footsteps of its older siblings, Giga Berlin is to operate entirely on clean energy. With the Gigafactory’s enormous power requirements, however, having on-site power management infrastructure is essential.

Harvesters have been spotted clearing a significant patch of land approximately 0.8 miles east of the main Giga Berlin site for the installation of a transformer substation and 110kV switchgear. The substation will be tasked with stepping down the high voltages of the electricity generated at Giga Berlin to lower distribution voltages at which the power can be safely supplied to the factory.

The switchgear installed will include disconnect switches, fuses, and circuit breakers, and will be used to control the electricity supply to the factory and protect the electrical equipment on site. With the complete support of the German government, construction on Giga Berlin is advancing at a remarkable pace and is currently ahead of schedule.