Elon Musk to Appear on Upcoming Lex Fridman Podcast, Again

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is no stranger to the camera – or dare we say, the microphone. With a number of public appearances on recent podcasts and the like, the billionaire entrepreneur is not shy in sharing his opinions, ideas, and future developments with the world.

Musk is set to appear on the Lex Fridman podcast for his third time in the coming weeks, and in advance of the interview, host Lex Fridman posted a “call for questions” to the Tesla Motors subreddit Sunday as well as to Twitter, to which the host received a plethora of great questions for the upcoming podcast.

In the post, Fridman shared a number of topics the podcast would cover, including the obvious – Musk’s electric vehicle (EV) company Tesla.

On other topics to be covered, Fridman wrote, “Tesla will probably be the topic of focus. But also: AI, life, death, meaning, love, history, aliens, and memes.” He continued, “If you have questions/topics, both detailed engineering ones and big philosophical ones, let me know.”

Fridman typically interviews guests about AI on his podcast, a subject well-intertwined with Tesla’s vehicles – especially in light of the company’s recent release of its Full Self-Driving beta, which utilizes a few different AI mechanics to manage semi-autonomous driving.

When the podcast is set to happen isn’t quite clear, though Fridman shared that it may be recorded as soon as later this week.