Full Self-Driving Beta Gets Tested with Tricky Scenarios [VIDEO]

@Tesla_Raj took his Tesla out to test Full Self-Driving beta in a number of different situations and shared his findings in a new video in 4K.

Raj comprehensively tested out version 2020.40.8.12 of the FSD beta in a variety of different scenarios — some that occurred naturally during his trip, and some that were planned out and set up.

Some of the most prolific moments from Raj’s YouTube video showcase his Tesla handling traffic judgment exceptionally well, even at 4-way intersections, making some beautiful turns even with the vehicle’s camera slightly compromised by sunlight, detecting road medians, and handling flashing red lights at traffic signals perfectly.

When Raj punched a random address inside an apartment complex into the navigation, FSD beta drove him straight to the garage of that exact address, remaining under 15 MPH while inside the apartment complex. FSD beta also aced the roundabout and 4-way stop tests.

A mix of naturally occurring and pre-meditated situations revealed that FSD beta stops generously short for pedestrians at crossings, leaves ample space for protruding curbs and fencing, and reacts super fast to avoid objects in the road or obstacles like open car doors.

All that in a constantly evolving and improving autopilot system is certainly enough to justify its hefty price tag, wouldn’t you say? Well, if you have $10,000 USD hanging around…

FSD beta is still a work in progress, so Raj did note that the system doesn’t take inside shoulder lanes for turns, often prefers the inside turning lane over the outside turning lane (which is technically not good), and can sometimes move into a turn lane even when it has to go straight.

The FSD beta also exhibits a penchant for driving at slightly uncomfortable speeds (25+ mph; 40 kph) inside residential areas, and closed road detection can be hit or miss.

With a new version of the FSD beta being released every week so far, Tesla is constantly striving to work the kinks out of its proprietary (and revolutionary) Autopilot system for cars.