Smaller Tesla Compact Imagined in Concept Images

Tesla concept sketch and artist render of smaller hatchback, courtesy of Reddit user u/particledecelerator

Those following Tesla have long speculated about a smaller design for the European market.

A new post on Reddit’s Tesla Motors subreddit (r/teslamotors) by user u/particledecelerator depicts an artist rendering of the concept design for a new car released by Tesla. And by the looks of it, it would seem to fit right in as Tesla’s new, smaller European hatchback.

The artist rendering is a more realistic version of the concept sketch, with an artificial driving scene and a green-blue finish. The original concept sketch was released by Tesla earlier this year.

Users on Reddit expressed opinions all across the board about the design sketch, some in favor and some not.

On the significance of certain specifications of the car, one user commented, “I think one of the biggest things will be overall width.” They continued, “That’ll save on aerodynamics and make it more attractive to the compact urban spaces they’re making it for. Do the Model 3 / Y have 3-5″ to spare?”

Elon Musk said at its Battery Day event it plans to eventually launch a $25,000 vehicle in three years, while it also plans to launch new original vehicles at its Berlin and Shanghai factories. What would the name be for a smaller Tesla? The Model 2?

One thing is for certain: With Giga Berlin well on its way, and Giga Shanghai already completed, Tesla is getting closer to being able to announce its new designs, of which there will likely be a few following the 2021 release of the Cybertruck.