Giga Berlin to Use Single-Front Piece Casting of Model Y: Report

Tesla has been making some major changes to its designs recently, and the newest update comes to us from its Giga Berlin factory.

As reported by Teslarati, a new manufacturing process is set to happen at Tesla’s Giga Berlin which will use a single cast for the front of the Model Y. Similar casting machines have been introduced in Shanghai and Fremont, though they have served different purposes.

Currently, the Model 3 frame is made up of about 70 parts, though Tesla has shared that it plans to move in the direction of using fewer cast pieces, and it has elected some really big casting machines to do its bidding elsewhere in the world.

The Model Y will be the first car to be produced at Tesla’s Giga Berlin, which is set to be completed and delivering cars by July 2021. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has also shared in the past that the Giga Berlin edition of the Model Y will basically be a “completely redesigned vehicle.”

The move is set to increase efficiency significantly at Tesla’s German-based plant, and it will help simplify the frame of its cars immensely. It will also result in single-front piece cast Model Ys being delivered to those in Europe in the near future.