Tesla Gigafactory 4 Berlin Construction Update Shows Major Progress [VIDEO]

As expected, Tesla Gigafactory 4 in Berlin is being built rapidly and is looking great so far. It won’t soon be long before it begins delivering vehicles, and the European electric vehicle (EV) market has a lot to look forward to because of it.

On Sunday, YouTube account flybrandenburg released a new video, featuring a progress-documenting flyover of Tesla’s new Berlin Gigafactory. The video shows footage passing over each area of the construction site, including the main building, the drive unit factory, the casting area, the paint shop, and more. The pace of construction is quite impressive, but not unexpected given how Elon Musk said pre-fabricated materials were being used.

YouTube video

The video was taken September 13th, and was filmed with a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone, a video spanning over 14 minutes long.

Gigafactory Shanghai, the most recent of Tesla’s factories to be completed, began construction in December 2018 and began delivering vehicles in December 2019. With this pacing in mind, we can probably expect to see Gigafactory 4 completed and delivering vehicles by July 2021.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently visited Germany and the Giga Berlin construction site, even answering a few questions for visitors outside the location. While in the country, he also visited with conservative political officials and praised German vaccine makers CureVac.

As Tesla and EV sales are up in Germany (and around the world), it only seems fitting to watch Giga Berlin sprout up as quickly as it was announced.