Tesla Deliveries Up in Germany, Every Other Brand Way Down

Tesla’s reported sales are still growing around the world, as other carmakers are finding it tough to keep up.

The number of electric vehicles (EVs) that were registered in Germany rose rapidly in August (via Reddit), according to T&E Magazine, and particularly Teslas. Tesla was the only EV brand that saw an increase from its sales last year, and, in fact, almost every other car brand, electric or not, saw sharp decreases in their sales.

Not only was Tesla the only car brand to see an increase, but it’s also been the strongest import brand by a longshot – Tesla has sold 457.7% more so far this year than last, and it’s followed far behind by Jeep (40.3%).

One user on Reddit commented on a related post, “That growth is mostly due to what happened to the incentives for EVs in Germany.” The user continued, “In August last year the government decided that the incentives for EVs should be raised, so of course a lot of potential buyers waited until the incentives actually got raised. (Me included) That raise was only formalized in late December and most orders placed in December were not delivered before March 2020.”

Plug-in hybrids were the only outliers, having increased their sales by 447.9% year over year.

While new vehicle registrations have fallen greatly in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, EVs are hardly seeing a decrease. And, as usual, Tesla is running the game.