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Tesla Debuts ‘Send to Vehicle’ Feature for Watching Videos in China

Tesla’s app update V4.11.0 in China has added a new feature for throwing videos from your phone to your vehicle’s infotainment screen, as detailed in a post on Monday (via @42how_). The post includes a photo from Tesla with instructions for using the “Send to Vehicle” video feature. The feature works with multiple China-based video […]

Tesla Rolls Out New Self Diagnostics Feature for Service Appointments

A new “Diagnostics” feature available in the Tesla mobile app automatically scans your car for faults and informs you if service is required when scheduling an appointment for specific service categories (via @tesla_adri). The new feature was spotted in the source code for Tesla’s iOS app a few weeks ago, but it hadn’t been spotted […]

Tesla App Now Lets You Set Custom Work Charging Rates

In an update to the Tesla iOS app on Thursday, the electric automaker now lets you set customizable charging rates for your work. Under the section ‘Charge Stats’, when you scroll down to ‘Average Cost’ and click on the information icon in the top right corner, you’ll now see a “Customize” option for Work. Tap […]

Tesla Mobile App Now Shows Up to 10 Nearby Superchargers and More Info

The latest version of the Tesla mobile app (version 4.8.0 on iOS) expands the list of nearby Superchargers you see while using the app’s location feature from the four closest stations to 10 (via Reddit). In addition, each Supercharger listing now has its max power output specified right underneath, to go with existing stall availability […]

Tesla App Update Brings More Powerwall Features, Auto Seat Heater

Image: Tesla North A new update for the Tesla app (version 4.7.0 on iOS) started rolling out late Monday evening and brings a new auto seat heating feature, along with several improvements for Tesla Powerwall owners (via @AlexGuichet). Hey @Tesla #Powerwall owners, fun new app update for you. Big updates to Storm Watch and Energy […]

Tesla App Now Shows Your Car’s Specs and Warranty Expiry Dates

Tesla’s mobile app, specifically its iOS app, as of writing, is now showing your vehicle’s specs and warranty details. On the main screen of the Tesla iOS app, when scrolling to the very bottom, you now see a “View Details” link, which takes you to tabs listing out your vehicle specifications and warranty, noted @WholeMarsBlog […]

Tesla Mobile App Gets Trip Planner Update, But Only in China

The Tesla mobile app in China includes a mobile trip planner, including the ability to search for and select waypoints from a driver’s mobile device, as shown in a video shared Wednesday by @JayinShanghai. The video came in response to a thread from @WholeMarsBlog that started with them tweeting to Elon Musk that “it would […]

How to Add a Driver to the Tesla App and Share Your Car Key

Tesla lets owners add a friend or family member access to their mobile app via the web, but the company has enabled the feature in its mobile app, though an over-the-air update (via Reddit). When you launch the Tesla app, under the Security menu, the new option ‘Manage Drivers’ now shows up. Once you tap […]

Tesla App Update: Insurance Policy Holders Can Now Start and Manage Claims

Tesla has updated its iOS app on Monday evening, detailing how “Tesla Insurance policy holders can initiate and manage claims,” right from the app. Tesla owners in California and Texas have the electric automaker’s insurance option, only for now. Also new is “support for bringing disconnected Powerwalls back onto Wi-Fi.” Some unannounced tidbits, as spotted […]

Tesla App to Soon Let You Share Your Vehicle with Up to 5 Others

According to the latest Tesla iOS app update, version 4.3.1, assets within the app code has revealed it will soon let you share your car with others, right from the app itself. The discovery was made by @Tesla_App_iOS, which details the assets of every single app update. App code contains lines that read, “share_vehicle_add_driver_success_description”, for […]

Tesla App Now Lets You Complete Pre-Delivery Tasks and More

According to Reddit user u/110110, the recently released update for the Tesla mobile app, version 4.3, adds a lot of additional delivery information for ordered vehicles that was previously only available on customers’ Tesla.com accounts (via @terjeholden). What’s more, the update also lets customers complete pre-delivery tasks such as adding insurance information and making the final payment […]

Tesla App Not Connecting to Cars, Fix Needed: November 2021 Edition

Update Nov. 19, 2021, 6:26pm: everything is back online now: Should be coming back online now. Looks like we may have accidentally increased verbosity of network traffic. Apologies, we will take measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 20, 2021 Can’t connect to your Tesla via the mobile app? You’re […]