Tesla Requiring At Least One Powerwall with All Solar Projects: Report

Solar energy and power storage are just a couple of Tesla Energy’s newest sustainable frontiers, though a recent update has made it so customers must purchase its Powerwall for all solar roofing projects. Tesla is currently requiring at least one Powerwall per solar roof project, according to a Monday report from Electrek citing sources familiar […]

Tesla Lobbies Texas to Let Home Solar Customers Sell Energy to the Grid

Following Tesla’s deployment of many solar panels, Megapacks and Powerwalls, the company is apparently looking to give owners of the energy systems a leg-up in Texas’ notoriously bad utility system. Tesla is lobbying for Texas residents with solar power and energy storage systems to participate in the state’s energy market, as detailed by Arushi Sharma […]

IKEA to Launch Solar Roof Offering in California, Competing with Tesla Energy

IKEA announced on Thursday it will be partnering with SunPower to make solar energy solutions “easier to access”. The solar product announcement means members of the IKEA Family customer loyalty program will be able to purchase SunPower’s home solar solutions, to then generate and store renewable energy at home. The partnership between IKEA and SunPower […]

Tesla Solar Battery Storage to Power Bitcoin Mining in Texas

With Tesla being a major supporter for Bitcoin, it’s only fitting that the automaker would team up with other companies to develop a completely renewable Bitcoin mine. Tesla is teaming up with Jack Dorsey’s Block, formerly known as Square, and the company Blockstream to develop a solar-powered Bitcoin mine in Texas, according to CNBC. The […]

Tesla Pauses New Solar Roof Installations Due to Supply Chain Issues

According to Electrek, Tesla is temporarily suspending scheduling for new solar roof installations due to supply chain issues. In a communique seen by the publication, Tesla told employees: Most of the solar industry has been experiencing supply chain delays. These constraints are beginning to impact Solar Roof as well. This will lead to delays in scheduling […]

Tesla Seeks Help to Fight California Proposal to Increase Home Solar Costs

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is currently considering a policy proposal that seeks to increase the costs associated with installing and operating a home solar system, not only for new customers but also for around 1.3 million existing residential solar customers in the state. A new campaign running on Tesla’s Engage platform urges Tesla […]

Tesla Agrees to Revert Solar Price Hike for Some Customers Following Lawsuit

To appease customers who had filed lawsuits after Tesla substantially hiked the prices of its solar power generation and storage products (by at least 45%) earlier this year, the company has now offered to revert prices back to the originally quoted ones for select customers — reports CNBC. When Tesla significantly increased the prices it […]

Tesla Axes Solar Subscriptions, Only Cash and Loan Options Remain

While Tesla’s solar roof installs still face a huge backlog of orders, the company has stopped offering a subscription service that made the starting costs of buying solar more affordable. Tesla is doing away with its solar subscription services, as it now only offers options for cash and loan purchases when ordering solar hardware and […]

Tesla Energy Products to Power 20 New ‘EHomes’ in Houston 

As Tesla’s solar roofing and Powerwall home-charging and electric systems increase in popularity, one real estate company has taken notice and has announced a partnership with Tesla on a new community. Tesla signed an agreement with home building company Alset EHome to outfit an entire community that is being built with Tesla’s solar roofing panels, […]

Adding a Solar Roof to the Tesla Model 3: Should You Do It? [VIDEO]

Despite the fact that Tesla also makes solar technology for homes and businesses, the company doesn’t have any vehicles including solar charging or similar power storage options. Earlier this month, YouTube channel The Tech of Tech released a new video in which the host uses portable Bluetti solar panels and a power station to charge […]

Tesla Discontinues Sale of Powerwall Without Solar Panels

Tesla’s Powerwall has been expanding its reach across the United States in recent months, but it will no longer do so without the addition of solar options. On Monday, electrek reported that Tesla has stopped receiving orders for the Powerwall or its home battery packs, without also being linked to a solar panel package of […]

Tesla Solar Roof ‘Even Clears Off Snow’, Touts Company

Recently a new video by Jason Lassen showed how Tesla’s Solar Roof also clears snow off, showing how his roof was clear compared to his neighbours. On Sunday, Tesla’s official Twitter account shared Lassen’s video, saying “Solar Roof even clears off the snow.” Solar Roof even clears off the snow — Tesla (@Tesla) February 21, […]

Tesla Solar Inverter Now Available for Purchase

Tesla released a Solar Inverter, graciously bridging the only gap in its range of solar energy production and storage products. The Solar Inverter is designed to convert stored DC power produced by Tesla’s Solar Roof or other solar panels to AC power that can power your home with an advertised efficiency of 97.5%. Not only […]