Tesla Energy Products to Power 20 New ‘EHomes’ in Houston 

Tesla Solar Roof, courtesy of Tesla

As Tesla’s solar roofing and Powerwall home-charging and electric systems increase in popularity, one real estate company has taken notice and has announced a partnership with Tesla on a new community.

Tesla signed an agreement with home building company Alset EHome to outfit an entire community that is being built with Tesla’s solar roofing panels, according to an announcement from Alset.

The real estate developer will construct the community with Tesla’s solar panels and Powerwall outside of Houston, Texas, in Porter, Texas, for a total of 20 new homes.

Alset EHome CEO Charley MacKenzie said, “We are delivering what we believe will be the model housing ecosystem of the future. As more people look to make sustainable choices in their selection of homes, we are keen on making the transition for our customers the easiest it can be.”

“Our plan is to develop over 5,000 intelligently designed Ehomes in the next 3-5 years. We are excited to develop the communities of the future in close collaboration with Tesla. Tesla’s products are not only technologically superior but also aesthetically pleasing. In addition to our rollout in the US, we plan to expand our concept on a global scale,” stated Mr. Chan Heng Fai, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Alset EHome International Inc., in a statement.

Alset EHomeplans to deliver up to 100 new homes in 2021, and as many as 650 beyond this year alone in Magnolia, Texas, north of Houston.

Earlier this year, direct Tesla Solar customers saw price increases of over $30,000 post-contract, causing a number of customers to start a class-action lawsuit with the company.

While the lawsuit seems like it could pose a risk to current customers, CEO Elon Musk admitted in a meeting that the company was way off when trying to predict the cost of installing solar rooves – meaning the company has likely adjusted its pricing for Alset EHomes, to match the solar hardware’s actual cost.