Adding a Solar Roof to the Tesla Model 3: Should You Do It? [VIDEO]



Despite the fact that Tesla also makes solar technology for homes and businesses, the company doesn’t have any vehicles including solar charging or similar power storage options.

Earlier this month, YouTube channel The Tech of Tech released a new video in which the host uses portable Bluetti solar panels and a power station to charge their Tesla Model 3. While the host states that they do not recommend the setup, the video does show the Model 3 being charged from the solar panels, and the video also offers a potential alternative for those that do want solar charging for their EV.

Regarding the solar charging set up, the host says, “This is not an efficient setup; this is not a cost effective setup.” They continued, “I would never recommend somebody go out and buy something like this specifically for this purpose, but these products exist for a reason, and if you already have something like this, it’s cool to know that it does work.”

The channel shared a similar video last year of an even less efficient Tesla solar-charging rig, so it’s also nice to see how the setup has improved since then. I mean if you are taking your Model 3 camping, this might be one way to keep your Tesla juiced up, at a slow 1-mile charge per hour.

You can see the full Tesla Model 3 solar-roof video below, including the channel’s suggestion for a better solar-roof alternative to a Tesla that may be worth solar fanatics’ time.

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