Tesla Owner Creates Own ‘Live Sentry Mode’ Hack in Romania [VIDEO]

After Tesla’s software update 2021.36.8 brought Live Camera Access Sentry Mode to drivers in the U.S., the feature has yet to expand outside of the automaker’s home country. One user in Europe created their own Tesla’s Sentry Live Camera Access Mode using a third-party dashcam, as depicted in a video shared on Monday by @Sawyer […]

You Can Now Order a Tesla in Hungary and Romania Online

Tesla announced on Friday its online configurator has gone live in Hungary and Romania, allowing both countries to buy the company’s vehicles. The Tesla website for Romania and Hungary is showing the Model 3, Model S and Model X as available. Configurator now live in Hungary 🇭🇺 & Romania 🇷🇴 — Tesla (@Tesla) May 14, […]

Tesla Opens First Office in Romania, Confirms Local Mayor

After publicizing an expansion into Romania back in December, Tesla has now successfully inaugurated its very first office in the capital city of Bucharest — reports Romania-Insider. The U.S.-based electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer has set up a local division in the country under the name ‘Tesla Motors Romania’. The newly opened office is located in a […]

Tesla Hiring for Expansion into Romania

Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer has been working hard to expand its presence globally. And in a move to a new European country, the company is providing an excellent runway for the completion of its Gigafactory Berlin to begin delivering vehicles across Europe. Tesla is hiring for five separate positions in Romania, signaling that the company […]

Tesla Owner in Romania Builds Homemade Powerwall [VIDEO]

As Tesla continues to grow within the global electric vehicle (EV) market, certain regions will inevitably miss out on certain products. However, inventive Tesla owners will also go an incredibly long way to build their own working hardware, as is the case with one customer from Romania. Reddit user u/claudiusasu, a Tesla owner from Romania, […]